Our References

Our References

Our references are your best home. These are high-quality new buildings, exclusive houses, upscale apartments and complete top floor units that make the heart of every client and owner beat faster. Last but not least, our goal since then is that you feel well in a special form and 100% in your own home. Of course, having your own home or your own apartment in recent years has become more than a cozy home. A property is used today more than ever the wealth and especially the pension. We have understood this from the beginning and, as a contemporary, innovative and professional construction company, we therefore make our contribution every day with a lot of heart and hand. And that for over 20 years!

Our decades of experience, a comprehensive know-how in all trades and a customer-oriented, professional organizational structure distinguish us not least from many other companies in the same segment. Just take a look at our gallery with numerous reference objects and let us convince you of our multi-faceted competence. You will be enthusiastic!

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Here is a small selection of completed construction projects:

Ellwanger Str. 16
Attic floor, complete interior renovation, new construction of two terraced houses

Kleine Jägerstr. 3
Townhouses shell construction and expansion

Klistostr. 13
New construction family house

Winterfeldstr. 97
Raising the roof

Ackerstr. 39
Complete renovation of a tenement, attic floor

Greifswalder Str. 224
Core refurbishment of 35 residential units including roof and facade renovation

Goltzstr. 17
Renovation of 20 residential units including façade and roof work

Eisenacher Str. 83-84
Complete façade and interior renovation

Eisenacher Str. 29
Raising the roof

Am Hanffgraben 4-6
Complete renovation of 20 residential units

Kantstr. 126
Complete renovation

Rhumeweg 4
Renovation of an apartment building

Sandhauser Str. 99
Stucco and façade work, complete interior renovation

Gustav-Adolf-Str. 169
Complete renovation and roof topping

Klarastr. 7 / Plönzeile 10-12
Complete roof extension

Gubitzstr. 51 a-c (>> project page)
Energetic renovation and construction of 6 DG apartments